Choosing line industrial-grade scanning gun to pay attention to the problem, and appropriate scanning gun recommended!

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Application field of scanning gun is not just a supermarket cashier, express single scan these places, as we seldom come into contact with the factory assembly line or cold chain warehouse, etc. , also can have the presence of the scanning gun. At this time of the problem comes, the choice of industrial barcode scanning gun needs to pay attention to? How do you choose?
line scanning gun consideration of choose and buy
1, the type of bar code and bar code width, such as bar code system, digits, and the size of the density.
2, the direction of the bar code paste and location, and parallel or perpendicular scanning light?
3, the speed of the line
4, scanning distance, the distance between the barcode and the scanner for
5, the vibration of the conveyor belt,
6, the installation of stents, whether to need to adjust the brackets

7, sensor and alarm device 8, what kind of interface, the need of network access to the same server or PLC
the joining together of, and back office application system the choice of industrial-grade scanning gun
1. The resolution of the barcode scanning gun, the higher the better
2. The greater the effective range of bar code scanning guns, scanning range is wide,
3. The scanning gun at a given distance scan the bar code scanning beam can read information on the physical length, scanning width, the greater the one-time read more information.
4。 The faster scanning speed, the higher the efficiency of the
5. Recognition rate is higher, the better performance.

is suitable for the industrial production line scanning gun recommend
NVH200 barcode scanning gun in the first paragraph is the new industry, is also the first domestic brand of industrial bar code scanning guns. In pieces the characteristics of it are:
the comprehensive ability of fast read
which can realize the fastest in the 50 ms time, read to the above 3 mil dimension print code and direct parts id barcode, DPM) Pieces
read quick response sensitive infrared sensor can detect the
as far as 40 cm distance changes, and quick start induction within 100 ms read pieces
humanized lighting & amp; Focus design
no flash frequency soft white light illumination with clear and accurate cross laser focusing system, as well as in the continuous operational conditions do not produce visual fatigue of high strength, and greatly improve the working efficiency in pieces

the strong function of powerful data editing data editing function, make the data before uploaded to the upper machine can be preset by equipment, finish the format of the data input, flexible pieces meet the demand of all kinds of data editing

low power design is compatible with all kinds of equipment equipment can minimize including low power design for PC USB drive ability is insufficient or access devices voltage requirement big factors such as the connection problem, the maximum to enhance the compatibility of the equipment in pieces
the structure design of reliable and durable
can inherit from 1. 8 meters high place to fall to the ground again and again, and have IP42 protection grade, at the same time, including high elastic trigger structure design makes the products have good reliability and stability
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