Choose to store cashier management software which function to consider?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
As the primary and secondary school children's learning task is aggravating, now reading time longer, the kinds of electronic products is in constant increase, many children day in half the time staring at a computer or mobile phone screen. Optical shop industry business is slowly rising, the influx of a large number of business and membership information makes the store had also continued to a specialty store cashier system software to help oneself do good shop business. Software market in many store cashier management software to do how to identify choice? What are the management functions and the store had essential?

1, the member management cashier functions such natural needless to say, is an essential part of a cashier software function; In addition, a complete member management function is to store is very important, business at the time of entry member or are a member scan qr code to register as a member, you can access to the member's name, address, contact number, birthday, etc. The most important information can be clean record member of optometry, helping to boost secondary glasses shop experience.

2, goods management system in commodity management of shimron also redefined the commodity unit operation mode, supermarket cashier system, cashier characteristics, such as unit selection optical shop goods generally need to use the vice, double such basic unit, so in the lower for the store had set up this kind of management units, and support the setting their own units. Glasses industry also has a characteristic, for with lenses or contact lenses, sales of these products to accord with standard of medical devices management, need to record the commodity production batch or date of production and suppliers.
3, WeChat membership package
is no longer in hebron cashier system, membership system in use materialization membership card, but and WeChat docking platform, in the form of WeChat applet replacement membership card. Members use a mobile phone can view their membership card in the amount of stored value and integral information, using a small bar code can be achieved in a program stored value payment functions. Don't have to worry about membership card lost or used by people impersonate, caused economic losses.
4, data statistics
is the most valuable information, a shop if I can record management data carefully and do the analysis work, to shop around can play a very important business. Cashier management reporting center in offers store on 10 kinds of management reports, able to clearly help record store cashier and return, member consumption records and other data. The manager can according to the data to make business strategy, to complete the yield improvement.

5, staff management guide many large glasses shops tend to hire a few people to guide the members to complete the optometry and achieve shop order to clinch a deal, so stores will need to provide these workers cut wages. In hebron cashier software in the system, set the function of the seller, for every single transaction records the seller information and can generate accurate performance report, help the manager to calculate performance.
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