Catering system, self-help order which is convenient to the restaurant?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
When it comes to self-help order cashier system, usually thought of in the restaurant put a self-service machine guests to order and so on. But, I'm telling you here about self-help order cashier is not the way it is.
although, put in on self-help order machine, will solve the problem of the cashier order, but in the rush hour, traffic queues in line at the restaurant in order machine order, so will not solve the problem of guests lined up to order this. But here the self-service system can not only solve the guest order queue order problems will solve the problem of the check-out.
the catering management software system perfect solve the problem of self-service restaurant order checkout, first to introduce the system process.

the guest order process:
1, the guests into the shop to do under the table.
2, mobile phone open WeChat ( Don't need to pay attention to the public) / pay treasure to sweep the qr code on the code table, if the guest no WeChat/alipay or cannot use, can call the waiter, waiter and code the qr code on the table.
3, qr code and code into the restaurant phone order interface, choose dishes use mobile self-service payment order.
4, waiting for the waiter meals or on their own.
restaurant operation process:
1, the attendant assist guests order.
2, your order after the printer list, the production department made products.
3, the waiter meal or wait for the guests come undone.
can use the self-service system order, order the guests into the shop to but a few minutes before and after dinner, guests and restaurants both save a lot of time, also avoid the menu when turning or order add menu in single or leakage fault, using automated ordering system, in the course of dining meat at random or add drinks, snacks, etc. Also have a variety of ways, we settle WeChat, alipay, cash through a mobile phone can complete checkout directly. Boss can login system background, management to book value at any time and place, to see the store operating statements, check the store selling food boss was when cutting the shopkeeper.
the order system in addition to using convenient, save time and complete data statistics, payment is convenient and easy to audit set up shop, save cost, online marketing, etc. Function.
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