Brush the face should be paid attention to pay

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
At present, brush face of eps can be seen everywhere, pay is just the tip of the iceberg for brush a face, too. Brush face pay gradually people will accept will be area, will have advantages and disadvantages. So what we need to pay attention to? One day in the future, brush face will spread across the country, by then, I'm afraid I can't can't brush your face! As we all know, pay cash to the pos to qr code to brush a face, has experienced four changes, but these payment are coexisting, not entirely replace. Because this is determined by the national population differences, you can't request the old brush face with the young people, so brush face to completely replace other payment, will take time!

then brush face pay practitioners, should pay attention to what issues? Give the following Suggestions:
1, a confidant, archaism cloud, you have self-knowledge. If you want to put the brush face pay the business to do, first of all, ask yourself, is willing to how much energy and money. Business has yet to have capital, have the white Wolf is difficult in this society. Think yourself how many contacts and can integrate social resources, because to do anything, if you have very good resource can use, the beginning is not so difficult. Have a good beginning, the back of the matter to handy!
2, know, know, fight. Brush face pay is a motley collection of projects, strange on the market company, have a plenty of merchants, have a plenty of doing to push, or sell the source code. How to choose in such a big market environment spectrum on a partner? Need you to contrast, as the saying goes, not afraid not bargain, afraid goods than goods. Good thing, it has stood the test of the market.
3, people have more bold, how much to produce. Sometimes do things can't be too narrow, if you found no brush face payment is a big business, it shows that you are too limited. To find a partner can help you broaden horizons, to monkey around to save worry save trouble than yourself.
brush face pay gradually people will accept will be area, will have advantages and disadvantages. So what we need to pay attention to?
a, several points to note. When shooting to ensure uniform light, radiation, head-up, best not to bring a hat.
2, brush a face image is not always the same. Brush face login if you're using, generated by the image quality is higher than the original image, next time will save this Zhang Xintu as log can be compared to the original image.
3, your phone may not be able to brush a face. The only part of the model of mobile phone equipment or other mobile devices support brush face login service, if your device does not support, can't use the service.
brush face pay is led by alipay, WeChat followed, a wave of web startups swing across the country. Brush face pay, whether to pay treasure and WeChat two giants, and to equip the following below them to service providers, and offline merchants and terminal consumers, are beneficial. And really the decisive factor to promote the development of brush face pay forward or granted by the state of good policy.
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