Brush face payment system works? How to choose and buy to pay good brush face equipment?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Brush face has become a sweep the yard payment after the latest trend of the cashier to pay mode, brush brush face pay mode to open a new epoch in human face recognition technology. Now some workers have captured the brush face this wave of dividend, many merchants also began to try to use brush brush face payment system, so there are many people questioned while watching, brush face payment system really works? How to choose and buy to pay good brush face equipment?
along with the development of science and technology, face recognition technology is becoming more and more perfect, paid now launched on the market a lot of face recognition device, how to choose and buy to good pay brush face equipment, when rich below small make up say to everyone!

how to choose and buy to pay good brush face equipment?
brush face pay is a kind of AI facial recognition as the core of the new payment.
face recognition is a kind of identity authentication based on the features of information of the biometric identification technology, technology is the biggest characteristic can avoid personal information leakage, and adopt the way of non-contact identification. Face recognition and fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, retina recognition, bones, identification, identification of the heart, such as biometric identification technology belong to the human body, is as the photoelectric technology, microcomputer technology, image processing and pattern recognition techniques such as the rapid development of arises at the historic moment. Good fast, precise and health of identity; With no copy, even if had cosmetic surgery, the technology can also find out from the hundreds of facial features & other; The original you & throughout; 。
everybody to want to clear brush face to pay the advantages are:
1, the sampling is intuitive
the businessman can through the user's file photos to the database, and then through the improvement of the algorithm compares to the user's facial features with photos & other can be realized; Brush the face & throughout; 。 Than other identification technologies such as fingerprint, iris, more simple.
2, users more easily accept the
due to the increase of face recognition based on camera, and the algorithm is improved to brush face check finished in a very short time, make the user feel this technology is very efficient and convenient. Current brush face payment procedure is simple, as long as consumers in the WeChat ID binding yourself on the machine, you can pay to brush a face.
3, no foreign media:
it is need a smartphone as media, mobile payment and brush face pays its medium is her face. With the tools of mobile phones without, less artificial operation, brush face pay more simple and efficient. Brush face pay

but also has the disadvantages of public always think: security problems
for each time the rise of new science and technology, consumers will have some worry, this cannot be avoided. Brush face pay not safe a lot of people will think, will not, which is currently with the progress of technology, the algorithm can actually reduce the minimum error rate. As sweep yards pay, promotion of first time, pay treasure, WeChat through all kinds of activities and fully compensate to solve consumers' safety questions. Brush promote early must also meet face to pay, but the current WeChat, pay treasure to each big Internet companies are in the promotion stage, compared to brush a face pay will become more popular than sweep face pay later.
so someone asked: brush face payment system works? The answer is yes, and pay the operation of the equipment is quite simple:
the first step, click on the screen, open the brush face pay;
the second step, brush after the face to confirm your name, account number, you can pay. The whole process but a few seconds. If, however, is the first time to use brush face to pay, you will need to enter a phone number.
about brush face pay workers are separated by distance, generally within one meter, is face look brush face and going to pay for equipment to pay successful, some customers can brush into the lens face success. It also ensure the security of payment.
the brush is the small make up to introduce the above face to pay the advantage of equipment currently in use is to reassure some, of course, how to choose and buy to pay good brush face equipment? Currently engaged in the brush face pay equipment company is more, it also need you open your eyes, it is best to brush face pay equipment manufacturer direct docking source, can be related to the strength and quality inspection. Such as official technical qualification of manufacturer, factory workshop production line strength, service process, product reputation & have spent
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