Brush face pay pit guide, 3 big problem will know inside!

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Compared with the code to pay, pay out the mobile phone, qr code and brush face APP, simply & other; Scan & throughout; Can complete pay, improve the efficiency of the payment issue. At present, pay treasure and push WeChat brush a face, quickly won the market response, the national scale as a brush face users, covering more than 300 cities, 'brush face era' has arrived!
want to understand & other; Brush face payment & throughout; , be sure to take a few minutes time to carefully read the following three questions:
1. Brush the face equipment have?
brush face pay equipment on the market two main points, the family is called WeChat payment & other; The frog & throughout; And the other a alipay & other; Dragonfly & throughout; 。 The earliest launch brush face pay alipay, according to market feedback, pay treasure to higher market share than WeChat, market acceptance and word of mouth is better. WeChat launched in August this year & other; The frog PRO” Double screen, connect WeChat great ecological, pay treasure to October also launched a new system to brush face equipment, looking forward to the listed after can bring different experiences.
it is said that at present there are a few of the brush face equipment, the special low price, this requires attention

2. Brush face pay what are the advantages?
we now go out to take a mobile phone, to ensure that mobile phone has signal, what's wrong with the one thousand mobile phone, can appear the point of the horns of a dilemma; Or you pay in the supermarket, hands inconvenience, brush face pay can perfect to avoid this kind of problem, you just need to brush a face to complete the payment. Brush face equipment are used the 3 d structure light camera, ensure accurate identification, photo model can through the identification, to ensure the safety of the user's account, and brush the face equipment also supports code payment.
3。 Brush equipment will butt cashier system original face?
the answer is yes, the brush face equipment can effective docking, the vast majority of cashier system on the market, it is mainly on the basis of the original system increase a way of payment, do not affect the original system. Cashier system especially interesting, can be perfect docking brush face equipment. A complete set of solutions really able to fall to the ground
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