Barcode scanning module and single-chip computer what is the relationship?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Single chip microcomputer is what? A lot of friends is not very understanding, single chip, also known as single-chip microcontroller, it is like a mini calculator integrated circuit, it is a widely used field, such as smart meters, real-time industrial control, household appliances, will use it, and barcode scanning module is using single-chip computer for data transmission and processing work. They have to do?

barcode scanning module and the working principle of single chip microcomputer
the barcode scanning module is composed of scanning head, microcontroller, integrated circuit board. Its working principle for barcode scanning module real-time scanning qr code or barcode scanning head, at the same time to read the image information of information, at the same time, the scanner buzzer ringing, and then transmitted to MCU through the serial port communication, single chip receives information from the reading to generate digital information processing software.
barcode scanning module and single-chip microcomputer circuit design
barcode scanning module is responsible for collecting the barcode information, cooperate with LED lights in fast reading and identify the function and design of the total input ports, because cannot be directly connected with MCU directly, link with RS232 interface conversion, barcode scanning module after identifying information can be transmitted to the single chip microcomputer, execute the next step work.
the composition of barcode scanning module contains the single chip microcomputer, its function is dependent on the MCU processing, in the life, barcode scanning module is widely used in industrial areas, and improve enterprise production management.
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