Barcode scanning gun connected with the method of use

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
When we go shopping in the supermarket checkout, the cashier with a sweep bar code scanning guns, prices of the goods came out. Bar code scanning guns has become a supermarket cashier & other; Throughout the &; , then you know the bar code scanning guns connection and application method, below we learn about the together!

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the use of barcode scanning gun method is very simple, barcode scanning gun generally divided into three kinds of interface, USB interface, serial ports, and keyboard port respectively. So many interface entangled with a lot of new friends will, actually don't have to, as long as we look at what our equipment support of the interface, you can choose what kind of interface, users currently use USB interface, so let's take a look at the USB interface of the use of bar code scanning guns.
1, each data line connected to the first bar code scanning guns cable outlets and computer USB port ( Other interface scanner connection mode is slightly different, specific can refer to user manual) 。
2, hold down the trigger button, floodlight is activated, a red light area and the red line focus.
3, will the red lines on the bar code center focus, mobile scanning gun and adjust it and the distance between the bar code, to find the best read distance.
4, hear success hint sound, red flare path goes out at the same time, read the code successfully, the scanning gun will be decoded data transmission to the host.
from the above, barcode scanning gun function is to replace the manual input, more convenient and quick. In simple terms is equivalent to a keyboard is an input tool, only to the number in the barcode scanning, and then display on a computer terminal. And scan information is needed a cashier system software can be displayed, and the software you need to choose according to your goods, different goods with different software, such as clothing, medicine, supermarkets and other industries, industry also will have to distinguish different software.
after the software installed, background management interface, into the software in the commodity information option, put all your goods are all here preserved: first in the commodity bar code that a inside your products with barcode scanning gun into account, and then save the good name of commodity, price, etc. , and can then be sold. Next we again into the front desk of software interface, with barcode scanner sweep the commodity, the above will automatically shows the information such as name of commodity, price, and then it is ok to receive money.
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