Barcode scanning gun cleaning and maintenance and maintenance and matters needing attention

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Now many industries can use barcode scanning gun, but as a consumer but we don't know how to cleaning and maintenance and maintenance barcode scanning gun, attention and bar code scanning guns. Below we together to get to know the barcode scanning gun cleaning and maintenance and maintenance and matters needing attention.
bar code scanning guns as a kind of mechanical products, regardless of how to use, with the increase of time, bar code scanner will be the dust and other impurities inside, and led to the use of an exception. So the use of bar code scanning guns in a certain process must do daily maintenance and internal cleansing. Bar code scanning guns are shell, glass plate, internal optical components, transmission of four parts. The following will introduce bar code scanning guns routine maintenance and cleaning method.

a, cleaning and maintenance
1 clean crust: take a piece of dry soft cotton cloth barcode scanning gun shell covered float ash erased, with wet cloth to wipe it again, this is the basic ability to clean dust. If there were some other stains on shell at this time, we can on the wet cloth dips in some laundry detergent to clean up. Clean up after clean, use wet cloth clean with washing powder place repeat smear a few times. In the shell of the cleaning, we should pay attention to not run into glass plate barcode scanning gun, and at the same time try to twist dry, wet cloth should be avoided in the process of wiping water outflow dirty flat glass.
2  Clean glass plate: after being shell basic dry, open the cover, bar code scanning guns with blowing balloons on flat glass blowing a few times, will adhere to the surface of dust & other Away & throughout; 。 For can't blow away the dirt and stains, then use glass cleaner for cleaning, and then with a soft dry cloth to wipe clean. Due to the glass panel is clean or not directly related to the quality of image scanning, so we must be careful when cleaning the panel, not all hands.
3 clean internal optical components: then we can open a bar code scanning guns, flat glass optical components of barcode scanning gun interior clean. Generally speaking, bar code scanning guns casing and the base is stuck together, so don't need a screwdriver can be easily removed. In optical components, we are going to focus on clean is fluorescent tube, bar code scanning guns use absorbent cotton ball dipped in distilled water, then put the water on the cotton ball hard extrusion ( In order to make sure there won't be in the process of wiping the water out) , gently wipe back and forth on the tube. Because more precision optical components, when to clean the equipment, the movement wants light, and keep stable.
4 cleaning transmission device: the barcode scanning gun transmission mechanism on the sliding rod is we must pay attention to the situation of another focus. Usually when barcode scanning gun when there is noise in the process of work, is probably slide bar. At this point we can find some lubricating oil evenly coated on the sliding bar, in order to improve the transmission mechanism of mechanical lubrication degree.
2, maintenance note
1 drop: bar code scanning guns internal structure is made up of decoder component and motherboard, these parts are more precision components, therefore, when using, should try to avoid falling from a height, especially the glass component of bar code scanning guns, once broken, it can make the dust into the barcode scanner.
2 anti pull: barcode scanning gun is made up of a wire rod and bar code gun itself together, often forcibly pull, joint loose easily, when scanning the phenomenon such as poor contact.
3 often clean glass block slice.
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