Barcode printing software how to add new fonts

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Because now we have more kinds of fonts, so if we find someone to design the latest font or download from the Internet, how to use in barcode printing software? We have to have a look at the detail below, barcode printing software how to add a font?
it is well known that the post in the barcode printing software is in the library computer system fonts font font call, then we can put your font file system font library, and then can be used in bar code printing software. Specific operation method is as follows:
a will download and install the latest on the computer font font file, into the computer font library, font library the default path is usually & other; C:Windows字体” , the font file copying is automatically installed the latest font.

2, using the latest in the barcode printing software font installed in the computer font library, need to be closed, barcode printing software and then re-open the software, you can use the latest font. Let's click on the left side & other; 一个“ Icon to draw a plain text:

then selected the plain text, in the upper left corner font or double-click the document object open & other; Graphic attributes - Text & throughout; The font choices below font file name and use of the latest installation.

as you can see from the above change font effect, barcode printing software is ready to use the latest installed fonts, through the above steps, should have a general idea in the barcode printing software, the method of using the latest font users in need, you can refer to this article font installation method.
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