Bar code software how to display a text message at the bottom of the bar code

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
As is known to all, barcode types of coding standard is international unification, bar code data only put letters and Numbers or special character, can't put the Chinese characters, but in the barcode software can realize simple Chinese characters and shall not affect the bar code is placed in a bar code scanning, specific ways to add the following:
first, open the barcode software, bar code, and draw sequence generated and used in the data source to make the serial number barcode data.

in & other; Graphic attributes - Text - Formatting & throughout; , & other; 吗? ” Replace the bar code data, the number of characters, and then at any position of the characters can add Chinese characters or symbols can be and will not affect the bar code scanning. In front of the bar code data to add below & other; In the post & throughout; Two characters have a look at the effect:

in addition, if you want to separate the effect of display Chinese characters, can also bar code data hidden in the heart of the bar code software, then add text content separately below.

through the above operation, get a barcode data is Chinese character display effect:

the place on put together is narrated, is added in the barcode software text or a bar code display Chinese characters, but also does not affect the actual operation method of the scan.
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