Bar code scanner Settings, use and maintenance

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
For barcode scanner, presumably most people are not unfamiliar, but its classification, how to use, maintenance, bar code scanner Settings. These are all learning. Let our eyes to see the bar code scanner with inquiry set up the installation, use and maintenance.
( A) The classification of the barcode scanner

(CCD scanners and laser scanner 2) The characteristics of the CCD scanner
the price is low, belong to product of low-grade, scanning from the depth of field is short, there are a long distance CCD makes up the defect of the scan from the depth of field is short, but prices are higher, between CCD and laser scanner
( 3) The characteristics of the laser scanner
the scanning speed, scanning from the depth of field is long, bit error rate is low, variety, to adapt to different needs. Divided into wireless scanning gun, platform, ceiling type, belongs to high-grade products.
( 4) Scanner interface style
keyboard interface, serial interface mode, the USB interface mode
keyboard interface mode: scan the barcode data directly through the keyboard input computer interface, the advantage of this approach is: no Printer Driver, operating system, can be used directly in the various operating systems directly, don't need an external power source;
serial way: scan the barcode data from serial port input, need to drive or serial port directly read data, need an external power source;
USB interface: scan the barcode data by USB input, some need to drive, don't need the power converter.

( 5) Several reasons can't read the barcode
& middot; Did not open to read this kind of function of bar code;
? Bar code is not in conformity with the specification, such as lack of necessary blank area, and empty spend low contrast, and isn't empty width ratio;
? Direct sunlight, photosensitive device into saturated zone;
? Barcode surface after stamped with transparent material, the luminosity is too high, although eyes can see the barcode, but collector read condition is strict, can't read;
? A hardware failure, contact your dealer for repair.
( 6) After reading a bar code, the scanner crash
as a result of the protection function of the scanner, if read bar code data transmission error, will automatically enter a state of protection, to prevent loss of data. If no transfer after successful data read, the scanner can be used again. In the event of this kind of phenomenon, please check the attachment carefully, protocol. , turn off the scanner, after confirmed in the open can be the new normal use
( 7) Should use what kind of scanner
& middot; CCD are used for money more nervous, applicable requirements is not high, such as general supermarkets;
? Gun type laser scanner price moderate, scanning speed, high accuracy, used in occasions with higher requirements;
? Platform laser scanner's a little high, easy to use, speed and accuracy for occasions, such as high-grade supermarket;
? Condole top platform price is high, is commonly used in industrial field.
( Eight) Scanner devices have no electricity
& middot;
& middot; power supply connection is bad Blown fuse
& middot; Scanner power circuit failure
( 9) How to set up the barcode scanning equipment
in general, have been set up for you. General steps are as follows:
& middot; Do initialization: Set All Default. At this time was about, basically just may need to:
& middot; Add a suffix: Enter
& middot; To set the bar code recognition by
& middot; If it is a serial port scanner, you need to set the RS232 port accordingly according to the host, such as the communication rate, parity, etc.
& middot; If it is a serial port scanner, for host, still need to run the corresponding serial Printer Driver.
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