Apple ipad 2 And iPhone 5 May have The Function

by:Goodcom     2020-06-26
According to Bloomberg News, director of consulting firm Envisioneering Group Richard Doherty , said recently that Apple plans to introduce NFC services will allow customers to use the iPhone 5 and apple ipad 2 next generation of products such as mobile payment functions. Doherty said small amount will be on such basis as 'short-range wireless communications' (hereinafter referred to as NFC) tech. The technology can send and receive information within the distance of 4 inches, will be integrated to support AT & T's iPhone 5 and ipad 2 in. He cited the project for Apple to perform the hardware engineers as saying that the two products may be listed this year. Richard Keluo En is the Crone Consulting (the company is located in California, sound Ross), chief financial adviser, he said, Apple's service may receive person has documented several information, including charge card numbers, iTunes gift card information and Bank data. Tyler Hamilton is an analyst at IBIS World, in his view, this will transmogrify it into a company such as Visa, MasterCard Incorporated. and EBay's PayPal and other alternative products. Keluo En said: 'For Apple, the integration of NFC functionality in goods is significant.' Also said that Apple's primary objective will be always to American goods and services each year to spend $ 6,200,000,000,000 on the slice . Currently, the company should pay for each credit card transaction iTunes a management fee. By encouraging consumers to use cheaper methods, with regard to example direct use of their total bank account (via PayPal purchases are in many do), Apple can lower the costs and reduce the cost of Apple retailers. Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison declined opinion. New features for mobile phones PayPal Charlotte Hill spokesman said: 'There is no doubt, NFC technology is the concern, and since it will become the consumer choice.' Visa spokesman Russ Swanson Ewe (Elvira Swanson), said the company was 'looking forward discover NFC-enabled mobile device market as soon as possible.' MasterCard executives Ed McGraw-Lin (Ed McLaughlin) said, MasterCard 'payment of operating by far the fastest network, , nor need to be adjusted.' McLaughlin, can be as an chance for partner organizations, MasterCard has a global trial of NFC payments began plans. Keluo En told us that the recently adopted 'Duer Bin amendment' (Durbin amendment) can make the Apple mobile payment service is time. The amendment will come into effect this summer, retailers may limit debit card to spend costs and permit them to encourage consumers wireless more than one payment. To compete with Android The Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook under the leadership of adding latest features for the iPhone will help the business compete with Google android mobile phone plan. Currently, the system uses the Samsung Nexus S Android phone has support for NFC options. Nokia Oyj is the world's largest mobile phone maker, has been your promotion of NFC, but spread slowly. Docherty said: 'Apple will be video game changer.' Doherty said, Apple is considering can be of this year, the first mobile payment service. Will certainly greatly improve the iTunes allows customers to buy digital movie and music services, so that it not only holds the user's credit card account information, however have a credit score information. Doherty said that through the service, users can dine at the mall shopping or restaurants, the iPad or iPhone directly look through. In addition users can also get membership rewards and shopping rebate, regarding recommend a friend will be able to dig up rebate. Online advertising Keluo En said that through NFC technology, Apple can also improve the way mobile advertising delivery, and charge more for these advertisements. Apple iAd NFC advertising platform allows the user to targeted advertising consumer sites, which helped Apple advertising fees will be doubled to two days. Keluo En also said that Apple has developed a small business-oriented (eg, barber shops and shops like husband and wife) of the payment terminal prototype, can be once scan the iPhone and the support of NFC the apple ipad. Apple is considering a substantial subsidies that terminal, actually free of charge to retailers encourage the popularity of NFC to improve support for the iPhone and iPad sales of Nfc. For the early use of NFC technology, Apple NFC last year hired experts in the concept of the Benjamin Vigier, his original supplier in the mobile payment MFoundry in technical work. Apple also applied for the use of NFC devices running on a variety of information sharing between Apple's patents. All right arranged! source from:
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