Android system VS PC system, the businessman how should choose?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Whether you're a greengrocer, supermarkets, convenience stores, fresh or retail industry are need to choose a suitable store cashier system. Today we say how to choose a suitable for their own store cashier system. First you need to say, the software is dead, and only people can create value. Does not have the professional service instruction, more powerful features in no circumstances can't play value. Cashier system is perfect, not timely after-sales service, also hard to guarantee the stability.
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cashier system, source graph network
on the market at present the cashier system has the advantage of the following three points: 1, business data query and convenient and accurate. Sell how many money, what time are better than one. How much inventory, sell fast? Donated food, food, it is what reason. Cashier system, these Numbers can only be roughly estimated by heart. After a cashier system, these have special report to query, and can at any time using a mobile phone to see. 2, improve efficiency, reduce the cost. Service efficiency can also order by Po, food machine, sweep the yard platform and so on more than three times. Computer check-out fast and accurately, improve the efficiency of collection, customers get a statement in the mind also carrying. Customer bargain can't enter an item in an account as to avoid and improve profits. Effectively put an end to run. A quick training can change when the cashier, mount guard, reduce staff costs. 3, member promotions to attract new customers and old customer is five times the cost of, retain customers effect is the best way is to affiliate marketing. Commonly used have stored value exchange, marketing, and integral member special, discount. One member stored value can bring great benefits for the cash flow. Have more advanced WeChat public platform, powder accurately targeted coupons to store consumption. Make store is no longer restricted to 3 km distance, also easy to recruit to napa stores.
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PC cashier system cashier system there are two big platform, PC and android. The following for you to introduce their respective advantages and disadvantages respectively. PC system advantages: 1, the system stability and performance is strong. Cashier computer can put the background music at the same time, carry out online business. In spare time, can also play games to kill time. 2, no network can also be used. 3, the data stored in the local, permanent can view, data confidentiality. Part of the software can be local cloud backup. ( Membership information stored value extremely important) Late April and hardware maintenance convenient, 58 city 30 - Someone can solve 50. 5, can be customized to develop new functions. 6, general platform, in system after the original cash register may continue to use. Disadvantages: 1, the price of the computer is more expensive than to mobile phone or tablet. 2, the data is stored locally, stand-alone version need to backup regularly. 3, business data is posted online on time, the boss assistant to check the data with time delay. 4, have a risk of poisoning.
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customers worry-free SaaS android system, also called SaaS system advantages: 1, 2, data stored in the flat prices are low software server, shang dynasty of the software maintenance. Worry. 3, mobile phone side view the store business is free. 4, the boss assistant view data as the real-time data, Windows system with time delay. Disadvantages: 1, the store must be connected to the Internet and offline business, the network card will not affect the business. Had better have special independent broadband and wifi network coverage. 2, store customer data and business data is some software vendors profit point. 3, equipment problem can only be returned to the factory maintenance, delaying expensive. Some cash also integrated printer, is buried under the regular maintenance of root. 4, does not support the order, order can only use a mobile phone or tablet. Procurement and maintenance cost is high. So the question comes, in the market have a SaaS cashier system can avoid the disadvantages, ensure that business interests? With the development of science and technology, many cashier system began to constantly updated, to overcome these problems, ensure that business interests. The cashier system is multifarious, small make up take one example: guest system 1, the cashier system server, and easy separation equipment, a backup to ali cloud, so that can ensure the data security. 2, through the research and development system, iterative update ceaselessly, a lot of guest safe even if broken network cashier system can also be used offline 3 agent, has professional and technical team to maintain and even equipment problems can be solved quickly; Don't need to find a repairman as he used to be. 4, support table scan code order link take-out platform, solved the problem of the support to order.
the market system is really too much, merchants in the choice, it is better to choose bigger company cashier system, to safeguard their interests in the late.
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