Android Pos Machine With Printer

Android POS Printer

GT81P is a 6-inch handheld Android POS printer, equipped with superior printing module and MDM management

  • Android OS: Qualcomm CPU+6-inch screen + 2GBRAM+16GBROM.
  • Power supply: Plug in power or battery (can work without battery).
  • Printing module: Support Bluetooth printing, clipboard printing,cloud printing, local printing.
  • Printing SDK: Provide kinds of printing SDKs for your app to implement printing functions on our printers(Such as: Android Studio, React-Native, Flutter, Xamarin)
  • Integrated Order Taking Apps: GloriaFood, Wix Owner.
  • Food ordering platform: Perfect for accepting and printing orders from  Woocommerce, Opencart,  Wppizza, AppInstitute.
  • Personalization: Customize startup logo, machine labeling logo, receipt format.
  • Customize App: Online food ordering, parking ticket, bus ticketing, mobile top up, etc.
  • Soft POS: Compatible with Loyverse, Lychee, etc.
  • MDM system: Support Mobile Device Management.


Android Pos Machine With Printer

Goodcom Android Pos Machine GT81 Pro comes with 58mm inbuilt printer

1. Free App

Gcanyorder to receive and print restaurant online orders, Gcanyparking for printing parking tickets, Gcanybus for printing bus tickets etc.

2. Labeling logo/Startup logo

Support customizing the labeling logo on the machine. Support displaying a customized logo during boot-up.

3. Various printing integrations

Various printing SDKs, such as Android Studio, React-Native, Flutter, and Xamarin, are provided for development.

4. MDM management

Come with the terminal management system for easy remote device management.

Popular application

Goodcom provides free software for various applications, including online food order management, bus ticketing, car parking, mobile recharge, e-wallet, mobile payment, and more. 

Online Food Orders

Parking Ticket Terminal

Bus Ticket Printing

Customized Services

Goodcom offers custom solutions based on the specific requirements of customers. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop tailored solutions that meet their unique business demands. This ensures that businesses can have a customized software solution that aligns perfectly with their operations and goals.

Custom Solutions


Years Of Experience


Multi -application

Goodcom POS terminals offer multiple applications, including online order printing, bus ticketing, parking ticketing, mobile voucher printing, and customized services. These versatile solutions cater to various industries and provide businesses with efficient and customizable tools to streamline operations and enhance customer service.

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