After in paper label printer can't print

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
If the new paper after printed on the label printer is still not a word we need to do? Below small make up to you to specific analysis of the factors:
when changing a new label printer paper and print, print out the paper out what to do, or printer cover didn't press well, there's still another possibility is for paper and inferior products. If the wrong printing paper, it is ok to install the paper again. If the printer cover is not pressed, open the cover again and again; If fingernails in printing paper draw a following print on the surface, can not find the black seal, delimit gently to find tiny powder, it may well be counterfeit printing paper, will find effect.

the non-drying label printer in paper process:
1, the shutdown restart.
2, turn the power switch of the non-drying label printers, open the cover.
3, out of the support frame and remove the original thermal printing paper placed on them.
4, remove the new thermal printing paper, it is important to pay special attention to the front, need printing the white side up.
5, install thermal printing paper, then top supporting frame fixed to the machine equipment, the thermal paper on top.
6, after installation, open the power again, according to the switching power supply have a reset operation method ( Can look at the instruction for use) 。
the key clew:
1, machinery and equipment of clamping power switch, pay special attention to the suitable dynamics, ensure to print the paper does not run, can not be too loose or too tight, the print paper is easy to get out.
2, the operation of the above methods have certain risk, please be careful operation.
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