About 76 mm small printer black calibration position control

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
About big science and technology 76 mm black label printer (docket Optional) Positioning control
1, printing mechanism related to the print control parameter
( 1) Printing mechanism of the print head to the nose tearing line position to 18 mm.
( 2) Printing mechanism of the print head to black label detection switch position is 25 mm.
2, black label printing note
( 1) Black label must be printed on paper positive on the right.
( 2) 8 (black mark printing size should be: Wide) X5( High) Mm.
( 3) Black the blackness of mark should be enough saturation, reflectivity & lt; 10%; With black label the rest whiteness & have spent Should be white enough, reflectivity & gt; 75%.
3, black calibration
this institution support localization in the process of the printing with black label paper printing.
( 1) Black calibration position control choose
SW of the DIP switch One set to open, ) And the correct Settings GS ( F the command, then choose the black calibration a print.
( 2) Black label detection location:
black label located in paper positive on the right. Black label position detection and print starting position and the nose & have spent The relationship between tearing line location see below. Detected by the printer, black mark position is at the center of the black front after black label detection switch about 2 mm.

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