76 mm pin type paper printer troubleshooting and driver installation

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
A pin type, 76 mm paper printer troubleshooting
printer fails, can undertake corresponding reference section processing. If still unable to troubleshooting, & have spent   Please contact the dealer or manufacturer.
1, the indicator lights on the control panel is not bright
check whether the power cord correctly inserted into the printer, power adapter and power socket. Check that the printer's power switch is on.
2, light indicator is normal, but the printer doesn't print
run the test to check whether the printer is working properly. If not the test, please contact the dealer or technical service personnel.
if the testing can be carried out as normal and, check the following:
( 1)   Check connection on both ends of the interface between the printer and computer. If at the same time to confirm the attachment of the specifications with sufficient printer and computer.
( 2)   The printer and computer data transmission between Settings may be different. Verify the printer data travels DIP switch setting is the same with the computer. You can use the test print out printer interface Settings. If the printer can't print, please contact your dealer or technical service personnel.
3, printers have a ring, but didn't print
ribbon box installation may not correct, please correct installation foil box.
ribbon may have wear, please replace the ribbon box. Fuzzy

4, print ribbon may have wear, please replace the ribbon box.
5, print, the lack of a line
the print head may be damaged. Stop printing, contact the dealer or technical service personnel.
2, 76 mm pin type paper printer driver
there are two main ways of 76 mm series printer driver, a directly under Windows9x/ME / 2000 / XP install driver, another is to use serial/parallel port/USB drive directly.
< br / > ( 1)   Under Windows install driver
in the Windows add printer, and specify the drive plate drive file for Windows, just need to program invokes the print command can begin to print. In this way, it is by the Windows of the printer driver converts characters into graphic dot matrix to print.
( 2) Serial/parallel port/USB direct drive
in this way, does not need to use the driver, only need to put the characters output directly to the port, and the printer internal hard word stock to achieve transformation of the characters to print. Use port direct drive way, the play on way into line by way of printed pages also print way, to print control more convenient.
if you use port direct drive mode, you need to use the instruction set to control the printer to print, and 76 series printer internal has integrated the ESC/POS command set.
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