58 mm small printer driver

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
58 mm small notes, a printer driver
there are two main ways 58 mm series printer driver, a Windows9x / 7/8/10 / ME / 2000 / XP/Linux/Mac directly install driver, another is to use serial/parallel port/so direct drive.
( 1) Under Windows install driver
in the Windows add printer, and specify the drive plate drive file for Windows, just need to program invokes the print command can begin to print. In this way, it is by the Windows of the printer driver converts characters into graphic dot matrix to print.
( 2) Serial/parallel port/so direct drive
in this way, does not need to use the driver, only need to put the characters output directly to the port, and the printer internal hard word stock to achieve transformation of the characters to print. Use port direct drive way, the play & have spent Printed on the way into line by way of printed pages also print way, to print control more convenient.
if you use port direct drive mode, you need to use the instruction set to control the printer to print, and 58 mm series printer internal has integrated the ESC/POS command set.

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