58 connection thermal receipt printers? How do you use the 58 thermal receipt printers?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
58 thermal receipt printers refer to printing specifications for 58 mm receipt printers, 58 mm is the width of the printing paper, also can saying is short for 58 mm receipt printers, 58 thermal receipts machine due to its thermal printer features decide later use cost is low, no carbon ink, in the form of direct thermal print head.

58 thermal receipt printers have? How to choose?
58 thermal receipt printers on the market at present, there are many businessmen often plagued by don't know how to choose, choose 58 thermal receipt printers are mainly from the service life of the printer, print resolution, comprehensive consideration, the printing speed these aspects in general merchants or according to their functional requirements to choose to suit your own printer.
for networking mode, the wifi connection and bluetooth connection through a long time the customer of the dealer feedback, and there will be a slow network instability caused by leakage single and single situation, therefore, suggest that merchants can choose GPRS insert SIM card, GPRS is using a mobile phone card flow will not occur network congestion and single card, and so on and so forth.
connection 58 thermal receipt printers? How does it work?
a, how to connect the wifi
the printer on the Equipment management 】 Found in the Configuration of wifi 】 , a yellow wireless wifi logo, click on the first step into the wifi configuration.

based on system operating, long press the printer button 6 s printers into wifi configuration mode, how to prove that the printer has been successfully entered the wifi configuration mode, is the printer to print out the notes on the text content, text prompt & other; Wifi configuration mode & throughout; 。

configuration WiFi step 1:1) choose the current can be connected to the WiFi (2) input the WiFi password (3) click on the manual configuration.

configuration WiFi the second step: find the WLAN Settings page starting with M * * * * * * printer hotspot, switch the original hot (network connection for the printer M at the beginning of the) 。

then return phone APP, click Start configuring wi-fi 】 , about 1 ~ 2 seconds, the system will prompt wifi configuration as a result, if the configuration failure please refer to the reference data query. Extending reading '' '' 'WiFi configuration for machine failure reason have? How to solve the

phone APP prompted 【 Configuration success 】 , at the same time the printer to print out a small piece of paper, paper suggest 【 Wifi configuration success! 】

2, how to use a printer? What are the interesting game
click Words 】 Want to print the input text, also can be directly paste text copied to the edit box, then have a text at the bottom of the edit buttons, function, in turn, are (1) bold print (2) size (3) (4) alignment (5).

insert images to the editor, images can be a cell phone photo/picture/graffiti and so on, at the bottom of the function keys can edit pictures, function, in turn, are (1) color mode (2) cutting size (3) print graffiti shortcut keys (4) (5).

words and images are edited, click on the top right corner of the Preview 】 → 【 Print 】 , the system prompt' Send success 】 , a full of the flavor of black and white art by little notes had been printed out.

of course, in addition to text and images to print, this little guy can always give you the surprise that expect is less than, as long as you are willing to develop, TA can help you to print the infinite possibility, such as order takeout website, such as small program again receipts, or is. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。

? Isn't it a small white king handpainted graffiti strength amazing ~ O ( ∩ _∩ ) O ha ha ~ if you feel small pig of painting of the white king to you order a great to walk again.

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